I NEVER KNEW WHAT COMING hOME 2wks early of HALLOWEEN dressed like DOLLY PARTON was going to do to my life. First I never knew my wife Lisa was having a MARY KAY party that day. I would have never walked into that dressed the way I was. My wife was furious she hid it well in front of the gals but once they had left she let go. WHY WOULD YOU START DRESSING LIKE THAT? I KNOW you want to use HALLOWEEN as to the why but I don’t believe that one bit. SO TELL THE TRUTH ITS OK. What a mistake that was. SHE was ruthless after that and I was at her mercy. IT didn’t take long at all until I was the new girl in town. Actually I was That nite if I look back and think about it. I never stopped looking that way once I had come home. When she found out how much I spent on everything she said and you will get your monies worth trust me. GET use to those nails baby because your sportin em for awhile. Still am to this day ae a matter of fact. Along with make up dresses the hole ball of freshly waxed.To make a short story long I NEVER KNEW I WAS GOING TO LIKE BECOMING A WOMAN.

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