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My turn to watch you hubby.

When I got home I had the surprise of my life, there on the couch was my beautiful brunette wife, and a stikingly beautiful blonde, both flashing stockings sitting on the couch in our living room. “Welcome home honey, my wife said, meet Trish, my former college roommate.” “Wow, Cindy never told me just how

The Initiation part one

Every year to get into a certain fraternity new members must go through a pledge task or week…and I was no exception. Being a freshman I wanted to get into one so I had to do a task that would gain me entrance and the one that was given to me was a daunting one.


I loved to look through porn magazines like Mayfair and razzle and often set out to buy a new one, I’d chosen a quiet corner shop I knew had lots adult magazine’s on its top shelf, I hung around browsing till the shop was empty and quickly started to look through the magazines on offer.

Met a worker one summer

Several years ago, I was keeping my friend’s pool while he and his girl friend were traveling in Europe. I’d swam in my friend’s pool for about 5 years, and knew how to add chemicals, dip fallen leaves, all the chlorine tablets, and keep the pump primed. I was building my new home nearby at

An Amazing Night With An Indian Trans Woman

Now this story is a fantasy I have, maybe a little bit more than that. I see myself as a bisexual top. I’ve mostly been with women but have also experienced some guys too. I have always wanted to be with a trans woman. However, I see them as the best of both worlds. I

Jasmine Fucks My Wife

Hello, my name is Tim. I am a 30 year-old married man. I have been married for five years to my wife Danielle. She is an absolute beauty of a woman. I remember when we were married, I felt like I was the luckiest man in the world. Since I am no hunk myself, standing

Tigerlover takes me in the butt: quid pro quo

Writers are not only writers, but often also readers. I read a lot of porn stories by fellow writers. Because I am curious as to what they write and how they write, and of course because their stories often excite me. Some time ago I came across the deliciously horny stories written by Tigerlover. My

Five Hundred Dollar A Night Lesbian

I looked at my Bank Account for “Amy Macabe, Associate Entertainment Specialist Cascade Club Tucson” and just smiled. Not bad money for a forty-three old divorcee. There were four $500.00 deposits in the past week and a $2000.00 deposit for my trip with Sophia to Vegas. I had a very good week being the highest

Geting Some Help

So…. the set up is basically this……… we are separated, but living in the same place, we have separate rooms and in a few months I am leaving and we are divorcing…. for now, I have my own room and she has hers….. we exist in the same space….. It has been a while, since

First Encounter With my Maid At 20 – III

She more open-up like doctor … No… Samir …. ( name she call show this ) the thing is different to judge your health. and that is ….. have you remember what you do after bath and coming out of washroom………… what is your state of dress-up… Then, the scene that time flash to my