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Confessions of a fetishist (english version)

Hello all. I would like to write something about myself and my thoughts as a fetishist.Somewhere, I read that fetishes are shaped in c***dhood and that’s how it was in my case.It started in kindergarten. Then I started to pay more attention to the legs and shoes of my friends.Something fascinated me about it, later

Cleaner Anna ( giantess) english version

Like every day, Anna came to work in a large shopping mall.She worked there as a cleaner.It was 7:36 pm Anna emptied the trash cans in the main corridor on the ground floor.Many people were shopping around.Anna was slightly unhappy, because the day before she had a little quarrel with her friend.At one point, a

Co-worker into shoe (english version)

For some time, a guy at work has been upsetting me, he insulted and annoyed me from time to time.Once I was very angry and I thought I wanted to punish him somehow !I went to a sorcerer asking if it would be able to destroy someone or turn someone into an object.For the right

Treffen mit einem User oder mein neuer Herr

Eine kleine Vorgeschichte, ich bin eine devote verheiratete Frau (deren Mann von nichts weiß) habe mich hier eigentlich angemeldet da ich dominante Frauen oder Paare suchte. Wie Frauen mir hier sicher bestätigen können gibt es leider (für mich zum Glück) Herren die Profile nicht bzw zwar lesen aber es trotzdem versuchen. So kam es das

Wife finds his Black Dildo Gay

It wouldn’t stop. The impure thoughts wouldn’t go away. Whenever he tried to ignore it, it always returned. It made him feel crazy in the head. He knew it was wrong, but his imagination continued to be more of an inconvenience in the real world. Bill had nothing to do on a Saturday morning. Susan,

Helping My Brother Get Revenge

Helping My Brother Get Revenge———-I suppose that I was lucky in high school compared to other girls; my breasts developed early and I was quite well endowed while others in my class were somewhat flat-chested wenches. The guys, of course, were constantly clamoring after me. Between classes in the crowded hallways must have been where

Accidental Cuckold story found online

I’ve been married to my wife for 6 years. We have an average, normal sex life. Nothing crazy. Although, she does like to suck my dick and usually does every time we have sex. She is really good, too. Definitely the best head I’ve ever had. She can deepthroat my six inches pretty easily. We

Caught Wearing Neighbour’s Tights and Panties

I have previously posted 2 blog posts which are true experiences of when i took 2 pairs of my next door neighbours stockings from her washing line when i was a teen and then met her again a few years ago and told her about it and then got some tights and stockings and panties

Nipple Play

I arrive at your home and when you answer the door, you are wearing a robe. We are all atwitter, we have been talking about meeting for months. As I walk into your living room, your robe falls off. There you stand in all of your glory, you look radiant and lovely, much prettier than

Taming Jasmine

Our meetings became more frequent following the blow job event. We started to see each other on a more or less weekly basis and always ended our chats with some form of sex act. Some times without leaving the premises, furtive fingering or wanking under the table when we felt we could get away with
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