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Garage Therapy

Garage TherapyBy Denuded Man-berriesI have been living with my girlfriend for 20 years and we have always had a great sex life. Every now and then we like to spice things up to get out of the routines we fall into. We have been thinking more outercourse would be called for so when the time

My first stinky feet fuck

On this day I was at home particularly horny , because I hadn’t released or masterbated in a week. I was saving my man juices for a gorgeous Latina girl I was dating at the time. She was absolutely divine , but that’s a story for another time. While on the computer I had gotten

Piss and Spunk Playmates Part 2

After finding Mildred my perfect piss spunk and exhibitionist lover and 62 year old buxom granny, and our first escapade on the downs, we both agreed to continue fulfilling our sexiest and dirty fantasies and trying new things. She knew mine which included old ladies dressing liked they wanted to be a fuck slut– short skirt,

You don’t Suck Cock, Yet! Gay

I had just found out that a friend of Sarah’s – my girlfriend – from school would be staying with us for a while. Arriving tonight, in fact. It was a bit frustrating that she hadn’t asked, but we had a spare room so there wasn’t much harm in it. I hadn’t met the guy

Thick Cock

Please understand: I have nothing against extra-long cocks. It’s a turn-on to see a monster of 7-8 inches, and I’ve enjoyed some great sex with men whose length endowment was well above average. But what really matters to me – both in terms of visual excitement and physical satisfaction – is girth, thickness, circumference –

The Neighbors

My wife and I moved to a this neighborhood with our daughter about 2 years ago now. It’s a very nice area and overall we’ve enjoyed it here so far. Late last year a group of three young, collage aged girls moved into the house next door. They get a bit rowdy sometimes, a lot

Fresh Creampie Blacken

Sweat dripped from his naked torso in beads, his dark body’s muscles rippling in a primal rhythm while continuing to fuck into Joy’s gripping cunt under the lights. With each lunge the young stud buried the entire length of his enormous dick, banging his black balls into the blonde’s crotch. Thirteen inches of steel-hard cock!

I’ve got a girlfriend and I’m Straight G

I had two weeks of vacation and planned to enjoy my time off with a canoe trip through Minnesota’s Boundary Waters. My girlfriend couldn’t get away from work, so I was on my own. I loaded the truck with my fishing gear, tied the canoe on top and left Portland late Sunday night. By Monday

Tribute story Part 1: My ‘Best’ friend

In 2013, i became close friend to this female colleague at a new work place whom i thought was attached in the beginning. I, on the other hand, was about to end my long distance relationship of 2 years due to some issues. It all started when we got to know about each others’ relationship

Escapadinha no Douro – Parte 3

Parte 3 – Boa! Exclamou o J, que logo se refreou um pouco perante a minha quase indiferença.– Excelente ideia I, concordou o P, e como temos pouca roupa em cima de nós acaba num instante. Risos.– Não sei não…disse eu, tentando reverter a decisão que parecia tomada.– Qual é o problema? De qualquer forma