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My Wife, Me And Our Neighbors – Part 2

We had convinced Reshma, Amrita’s mother-in-law, to have sex with us. We agreed to call our other neighbors as well. Reshma made a phone call and within two minutes those two guys were in my house. Vishal (son) and Kumar(dad). Both of them knew what was happening here and sat next to Reshma, trying to

My Wife, Me And Our Neighbors – Part 1

I was lucky enough in my first year of engineering that I caught up with a final year senior and got married to her. I always fantasized women elder to me. So we lived on the 3rd floor along with our two-year-old k**. The floor was shared with another neighbor family from Kerala. There were

Erotic Show Put Up By Our Wives

Hi. I am going to narrate a real incident happened during our visit to my best friend’s house. This was the start of our sexual exploration. Me (Ranjith) and my wife Deepti have a few common friends whom we visit regularly. One such friend is Vishal and Pratibha. Vishal is my college friend. My wife

Fucking Festival Part 3

For eight year she kept waiting for arrival of swamy and enjoyed fucking by him for one month every year. Then next year when I was only 4 year swamy came with a young boy of 18 year. That time we had shifted to present house and we were alone. Swamy kept fucking my maa

Fucking Festival Part 2

In room ,me and my sister repeated the last night’s act. I wanted to but as she requested I did not push my lund in her choot. She rubbed lund deeper in her cunt. I decided to pluck her virginity next night. She was also very hot and I was sure that she will happily

Fucking Festival Part 1

it was 1st June 2001, my first night there. Time of mid night. I woke up .looked around. It was bright moon fortnight. Every thing was clearly visible. My eyes moved around me. I saw few young girls sleeping around with exposed thighs. Two of them had big chuchi which were heaving up & down

My Whole Family Fucked Me On My Birthday

deleted My mom and I were very close. We were best friends.. I told her everything, and vice versa. My dad and I, not so close.. we barely talked.. but when we did, I couldn’t help but notice his hard love pole staring me at the face, yearning to be caressed.. no, that’s wrong, I

Fucking Festival Part 4

Thick came dripped down her mouth.Dad was amazed. “Thank you dad, aaj bahut majaa ayaa, jab lund choot pe ragrne me itna maaja aata hai to pura lund choot me daalne me kitna maja ayega.daddy, kabhi mujhe bhee maa ko chodne do.” He kept quite.I again pulled nude maa on my lap sitting beside dad

How I And My Friends Became Call Girls – Part 2

deleted deleted deleted Slowly and gently he fucked me and then it became rough and force full…I was shouting all known expletives and after nearly half an hour he poured himself inside me…his massive dick almost touching my womb. I could become pregnant today itself. He rolled off me and lit his cigarette. I lay

More about me

I am college educated with a Doctorate (no I won’t say for what simply because I retired last year). Many of you may recognize many of my photos – my husband had them posted here and we’ve both had them posted elsewhere. Many of these photos were full-format showing my face. I will be making
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