Met a worker one summer

Several years ago, I was keeping my friend’s pool while he and his girl friend were traveling in Europe. I’d swam in my friend’s pool for about 5 years, and knew how to add chemicals, dip fallen leaves, all the chlorine tablets, and keep the pump primed. I was building my new home nearby at the time, and would take a break during the hot part of the day and run over and check the pool, and usually would take a plunge to cool off. One day, I was in the pool, and noticed a truck pull up in the drive and into the covered carport. Curious, I got out of the water, and introduced myself to this guy. He said my friend had contracted him to do some work on the patio roof, and had his ladder and tools and started to work. I told him I was my friend’s friend, and came over daily to check on things, and usually would swim. I got back in the water then, and resumed my laps and dives. After about an hour, Chuck, the construction guy, put his tools down and walked over to the shallow end of the pool and sat on the steps, watching me. As I was climbing the ladder at the deep end, Chuck asked, ” are you a bottom, or top “? It took me by surprise, to say the least! After hesitating briefly, I said ” bottom ” … he said great, I’m a top!.. This guy was nice looking, and I’d say, about mid 50’s, with a nice build. I dove in, and swam to the shallow end where he was sitting, and said, why not just join me and cool off ? He stood up, took off his T-shirt and shoes, and dropped his pants and shorts, and stepped down in the water a few steps, and I reached out and took hold of his big, cut cock, and bent down and took him in my mouth… Chuck sat on the top step, and let me suck him for a few minutes, and then said, ‘ lets go in the house. ‘ Seems he’d been given a key in case he needed to do some inside work, so I got out and followed him inside to one of the bedrooms. Chuck lay on the bed, and spread his legs, and I slipped my bathing suit off, and got between his legs and went down on his cock again, and this time, took his balls in my mouth, rolling them and sucking them, and then back to his big cock, which was hard as a rock! In no time, he fed me a big load of cum… After he and I recovered, he asked where I lived, and did I have a cell number. I told him I was staying next door with my brother while I was building my new house nearby.
Chuck said he was from Iowa, and was going to be in Tuscaloosa at a local motel for a few weeks while he did work for my friend… Great, I said… call me anytime you want a blow job! I left then, and went back out to the pool, did a few more laps, got out, dressed in my shorts, and left.
That very evening, I got a call from Chuck, asking if I wanted more of his cock! Sure enough, I drove over to his motel, and sucked him off again! I couldn’t believe my luck … Chuck continued working each day at my friend’s, and I’d suck him every day, and sometimes two or three times!
This went on for several weeks that summer, until my friend came home from his trip to Europe. I took a number of photos of me and Chuck’s cock, and posted on the internet. Chuck finally completed his work, and came by my new house before he left town.. he thanked me for the fun times he’d had, and asked if he could fuck me before he left town. I went with him to his motel, and he did fuck me that one time. I kept his number in my cell phone, and told him if he were ever in Tuscaloosa again, to let me know. I never heard or saw him again, however. But that summer, and the memory of Chuck and the fun I had will remain with me forever!

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