Fucks Her Students Part -2

deleted sameer, Piyush and I had already had a session of great sex. It was 3:15 a.m. I was getting sleepy. I stood up from my chair and told them to continue the studies in the morning. “All right boys, I am going off to bed. I am getting sleepy now. We will continue this

Fucks Her Students Part -1

deleted My house was in Udaipur but a little outside the city. The area around my house was empty and unclaimed. I had turned some part of it into a garden. It encircled my house. The nearest neighbors were a few blocks away. It is fair to say that I lived in a secluded area.

Angry Amrita – Based on a Real Person

Amrita Ghosh is a hijabi wife, teacher and a mother of 2 k**s, however, this is just the start of who this Indian bitch is since she is the above only when her husband is around. Her other side is a wild, sex-crazy MILF with a massive, seat-swallowing ass that covered 2 guys when she sat

I maried her twice part 3

After wanda told about the night at katts I I asked her about the date of the party, I was relieved that the time line was a about a month before I met Cheryl so that didn’t bother as she was single and free to do as she wanted. Wanda wanted to know if I

The Teacher Pays A Visit.

There was a loud knock on the door. ‘Enter’ Jim shouted. Ms Wood stepped nervously into the room. ‘Ah. Ms Wood. We’ve been expecting you. Come and stand over here. You’re late.’ Jim commanded, barely looking up from his notes, but vaguely waving his fingers at the front of his desk. And maybe Jim should’ve

Mom Goes Camping With Son & Son’s Friend.

All characters in this story is at least 18 years and older and made up! Mom Goes Camping With Son & Son’s Friend. Chapter 1 It was a nice summer’s day Mike and his friend Bill was talking about going on a camping trip. Up north because Bill’s family had land up there with a

Amulya Is Getting Explored

deleted I am 24 girl. With flaunting assets of 36C-27-36, you see in pubs and malls I am going to write about a particular incident which changed my life, which turned me towards this world of lust and mould me into a horny bitch. My mom died when I was 5. After that, dad didn’t

AMULYA –The List Continues

deleted deleted deleted I am 24 YEARS girl with flaunting assets of 34D-28-36. I thank you all for the wonderful appreciations on my previous stories. Without wasting much time, let me begin this encounter of mine. I was contended with my life. Everything was going so well. I had just joined my PG course, had

My Life

deleted deleted deleted There are only two flats on each floor. The entire floor is in our possession as our neighbor is residing in Saudi Arabia and the keys of that flat are with us only. It was given to us for the cleaning and maintenance purpose. At present, we are four family members. First

First gay experience as adult, also first of a ser

I had often fantasized about having sex with a guy and had really been getting into watching gay porn! I have some friends that had a friend that was gay and I had been to his house before to party a few times! So of course I started fantasizing about him! To finally one night
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