Her Thesis

Jill saw her former professor at the local Whole Foods store. The teacher was in her mid-30’s, wearing skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and a scarf. She had the look of a typical San Francisco hipster. “Professor Hamilton! What a surprise!” The two women smiled and gave each other a hug. “It’s great seeing you Jill,”

The photo shoot (1)

David After exchanging pictures and fantasies with you as our new Xhamster friend we decided that we would do an erotic girl-girl photo shoot near Hannover. We rented a luxurious loft in the woods with a well equipped kitchen, fireplace, jacuzzi, spa and outdoor pool. We agreed to do a shoot for a couple of

How I got my man cherry popped!

Here’s a story my buddy sent me about him, I have no idea when it took place but HAD to share it!! My sex life with my live in girlfriend was the tops. She was such a good fuck that I never minded when she shaved my cock and balls. I only mildly objected when

Catching my wife

I recently suspected that “something” was going on with my wife. We had been married for 15 years and I thought that everything was good, yet she seemed to be secretive about her phone… perhaps a bit too much.On one morning, my wife called me while I was still at home. Seems that she had

My Daughter and Her Mischievous Friend Pt.3

It was a Friday, and it was the weekend that Brittany would be sleeping over. When the girls got out of school, they headed straight to the house. Lori and Brit had planned on this weekend. Brittany couldn’t wait for her turn to sleep at our house. She was driving Lori crazy with all the

The photo shoot (2)

— David —As my wife removed the panties of Yannicka’s beautiful ass I lifted my camera and took some magnificent shots of the two girls playing on the bed. Nina’s experience with photo shoots proved invaluable and she arranged one great pose after another guiding Yannicka in the process without me having to give any

Perils of the Scarlet Troopers

Let me set the scene for you. My name is Emma I am a Captain in the Scarlet Troopers a group of highly trained female mounted soldiers protecting the honour of our leader Priestess Anastasia. I have a squad of 30 Troopers in my charge. We live in a peaceful but largely lawless society our

Catching my wife, Part 2

My wife seemed extra horny, and I certainly benefited from her mood. The blow-job was amazing and where I wanted more, she managed to completely drain me, physically and mentally and we both drifted off to sleep. The next morning, few words were spoken yet I was crazy with curiosity as to what happened the

Scarlet Troopers Revenge

The Scarlet Troopers are proud female mounted soldiers, highly trained, extremely fit and always well presented in their skintight red catsuits, black thigh boots and black cropped jackets. A normal trooper wears a black riding helmet the officers wear red to distinguish them from the girl soldiers under their command, all troopers are armed with

Amour interdit

Melwyne prenait sa douche. Gabrielle entra dans la salle de bain pour prendre sa brosse afin de se donner du plaisir avec… mais depuis que son copain lui avait prouvé à quel point sa soeur était bonne, il était vrai que Gabrielle aimait regarder le corps nu de sa soeur. Elle en profita donc pour
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