Smiling, he let his pants drop; he was now completely naked. Instinctively, she reached down for his cock and found two cocks, one above the other. Each was nine inches long and almost as big around as her wrist. She lowered herself to her knees and stared at the two swollen members in awe. Reaching

Pirate, Chapter 1

The pirate captain slammed the door behind him as he entered his cabin, his thick, leather boots planted firmly on the gently rocking floorboards. He wore a frilly shirt, a pirate captain’s hat, a kilt, and baggy leather pants to his boots. He was still a little sweaty from battle, and there was a hungry

Wife Trades my Ass for Rent Gay

My wife and I had fallen behind on the rent and she was getting very stressed out about the possibility that we’d be evicted. I was trying to catch up and had taken a second job to try to make ends meet, but we weren’t making a lot of progress. As a last ditch effort,

My Husband My Cum-eater My Bitch Pegged

The door opened before me, and I quickly stepped in, my heart racing. Dave gave me a big hug, which somewhat calmed my nerves. I gave him the bottle of wine, and suggested a glass might settle me. I sat in the recliner, and took a healthy sip when Dave gave me a glassful. I

GF trains my Ass Pegged

I love when my girlfriend fucks me with her strap-on dildo. It all started when she would rub my ass while she sucked me off which felt so good. Then it progressed into her fingering and massaging my prostate which felt even better still. In fact, That’s how I discovered the “anal orgasm”. I didn’t

Pegging My BF Ass

Up until a few years ago, my sex life was very conservative and pretty boring; certainly nothing worthy of a story. I had been with several men and the sex was often enjoyable, but it always ended up being very predictable and in the end, very vanilla. That all changed when I met my present

My GF takes me to a BI Gay Party

Now that Melissa and I had really gotten into scenes where we’d add a stud or a couple of studs to our mixes, and where much of what went on in those scenes turned out to be scorching sex between me and the studs, at Melissa’s eager urging — she at times just watching, sometimes

Wife Make’s me a Cuckold Porn Star

When I was 25, I married Lana a 19 year old geeky beauty who had just inherited a large amount of money. She had very limited sexual experience before me so the fact that I could only last 4-5 minutes didn’t faze her. I have always cum fairly quickly, even if I thought about other

Ex GF gets Even Gay

I dated Denise for about a year. She was four years older than I was. She didn’t have the perfect body, but was still hot. She was about 5’2″, 130lbs., 36D breasts, curly blond hair and sexy brown eyes. She used to tell me, I was lucky anyone would stay with a guy who was

Your My Bitch Now Gay

Tyrone Smith was home alone. Chilling in his room and watching TV was his idea of a relaxing evening, after all the stress of working and going to college. But being home for few weeks was a good break and now that he had the place to himself this evening, he could do whatever he
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