My drunk Mother in law – Part two

About a month ago, my wife and I watched a movie with her mother. We all had a bit to drink and eventually after putting my wife to bed, I went to watch a little more TV and got a chance to see my drunk mother-in-law’s pussy and feel her tits. She was completely passed

John Beth Vegas adventure

It all started Monday morning on a plane ride to vegas. Me and Beth for a vacation for a week so we get on the plane and head to vegas to our hotel. we get to the hotel and check in right away we go up to our room and unpack and get ready to

Sex with his sister & her girlfriend.

My sister, Sandra, is 35 years old, and 3 years older than me. I have known for quite some time that my sister is bi-sexual, but she has just recently informed my parents that she is living with a woman, and it’s more than a platonic relationship. I was introduced to my sister’s girlfriend over

Blonde One with the Boys

I hate my hometown. Some people say they are from a one horse town? Mine is a half ass village. I mean, technically it’s a city, with a population of over 13 thousand. However, it’s one of those cities where everyone knows everyone, is possibly related, and once a rumour starts you will never live

Mrs Brown The Red Shed Slut

The young men who worked at The Red Shed watched as a mature big breasted brunette with nice legs got out of her blue Mustang and walked towards the management offices. Geoff said to Matt ” She must be from Head Office. Check out the body. I could tap that! ” Matt’s dick was getting

en el cinema de arte

la primera vez que entre a ese cine en la avenida Diaz mirón en el puerto, me esmeré como nunca en mi arreglo personal, pretendía simpatizar con el administrador para que no me prohibiera la entrada pues no dejaban entrar así vestidas, llegué caminando por La Avenida hasta la ventanilla de la taquilla, pedí mi

With Neighborhood Wife And Daughter – Part 1

So let me begin. I was a working professional who used to work mostly on the night shift and rest during the day. I was staying alone in a 2 BHK flat. I loved a big house because I used to have friends over to the party. I used to have frequent parties at my

Mom And Son Blackmailed Part -1(Caught Red Handed)

This story is about how my mom was seduced by my neighbor and me getting involved in seeing them. I was staying in Chennai in a 1 BHK house. I was staying alone and I had an affair with my neighbor’s wife Shruthi. Her husband got to know about this and used it as an

With Neighborhood Wife And Daughter – Part 2

I had managed to get Sudha and Ranjini at my place and was thinking of ways to fuck the mother and daughter. But for my screwed up luck, I had arranged a meeting today with a neighborhood mom(Nalini) by my broker. She came in there and she was shocked to see all of them. I

Mom And Son Blackmailed Part -2 (Ended Up In An Or

Nirmal got to fuck my mom as he wanted. But then the others also came in. I saw two men barge into the room. Apparently, the main door wasn’t locked from the time Nirmal came in and that’s how they all got in. Nirmal had sent them texts and invited them over. I realized that
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