Your My Bitch Now Gay

Tyrone Smith was home alone. Chilling in his room and watching TV was his idea of a relaxing evening, after all the stress of working and going to college. But being home for few weeks was a good break and now that he had the place to himself this evening, he could do whatever he

GF Make’s Eat Cum

18 years ago my ex girlfriend Sherrie taught me to love cum. I was a naive 19 year old and she was an experienced 25 years old. I knew when we started dating that she was seeing another guy (Rob) and it bothered me but added to the excitement. One night we had arranged to

The Medical Exam

I was in my mid 50’s and always considered myself as fairly fit. Today I got a letter from the surgery that I needed to go for my annual medical, well the thought of old Dr Harris prodding and poking me didn’t exactly feel me with excitement. Don’t get me wrong, he was a good

Pregnant Pauses Pt 3

The third in a series of short-short stories about breeding and impregnation… Enjoy! CLEAN, DIRTY, BREEDINGI woke up early that Saturday. The sun had barely broken over the eastern hills. I staggered to the toilet to relieve my full bladder and then into to kitchen to start on coffee. As the warm brew was finishing

My wife is horny beast i made her to be a whore

After my first time I had cathced my wife to had a sex with her boyfriend in office.I started used hidden recorder everydays and have captured her sex with his lover in sauna.It was amazing and very horny, but I like to get more.I tried to speak with her about threesome but she refused me.

Negotiations, part four

………………………..The next day I found a written note in my wallet.Chris and a phone numberCarl and a phone numberJones and a phone number I remebmerd the fourth term… them alone and tell them about my wife….her wishes….my wishes…… After some thinking I decided to meet them together and I arranged for a meeting the coming

Pregnant Pauses Pt 4

Another in my continuing series of short-short stories about breeding and impregnation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ART PROJECT I decided that my lady and I would do an “Art Project” together. I painted various images on her and photographed her. We both became so aroused that hot, mad sex soon followed… I continued to take photos as we

No Way my husband is Gay?

My husband hadn’t been the same since he returned from a six-month military tour. There were various symptoms that he had changed, but I couldn’t figure out and what the underlying cause might be, since one of the symptoms was that he’d become obsessively reluctant to disclose what he was feeling at any given time.

I was Made into a Faggot By a BBC

I was an average, happily married white guy. We had been married for 18 years with an excellent sex life. I had never in my life ever thought of being with another man in any form. We live in a nice upscale middle class neighborhood. Everyone knows everyone, and we all get along very well.

My Girlfriends fetish Part 1

I had been dating this lovely women for about 4 months, a very mature women for her ge of 45 and very busty with a nice figure.Always wearing tops that are tighter than you would normally wear and skirts and stockings. You get the picture?One afternoon she text me to say she was off work
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