The Hook Up

This happens this past August, I’m Vanessa, most call me Van or Nesa for short. I stand at 5’2 about 160lbs but built a frame. I was in dispatch with my co-worker Angie shes a nice redbone Amber Rose look-alike with the lips and tongue ring to match. She’s very pretty and if I could

soumission à Paris

Dés mon plus jeune âge, j’ai été attiré par les choses du sexe. A Paris, lors d’un séjour chez une copine, il m’est arrivée une histoire cocasse. Aux heures de pointe, nous étions serrés comme des sardines dans le wagon. Tout à coup, j’ai senti une main se poser une fesse. Au début, j’ai cru

Groomed for daddy sex. by Frida

My early life and staying with my daddy I watched ‘Pretty Baby’ starring Brook Shields, daddy told me he was going to name me Brooke as I resembled her back then at the same age, even his friends when they came around to drink beers, would say the same and hint if I looked the

Mary’s story Part 25

Without saying a word Mitsumi turned her back, reached up to the neck of her dressing gown and slowly pulled the zip all the way down to the floor. Straightening, she let the gown fall off her shoulders. Mary was really not prepared for what she saw. Mitsumi was totally tattooed from her neck down

What the Maid Saw.

Esther had worked for Lord Bentford for almost five years before he passed away and his property,including the house and all his wealth passed to his son,Master Paul. Master Paul had married into a very wealthy family,the Gillenham’s,but after a few months the marriage had broken down and Jane Gillenham had returned to her parents

Pt. 3) Angel gangbanged at Joes the LAST Time

Joe planned on having his outdoor gangbang 4th of July party from Sunday, July 3rd morning through late Monday July 4th with Angel as the main attraction for the entire time. This part tells about the fun we had with her thru Sunday afternoon._________________________________________________ We got up Sunday about 9am. Joes roommates were already fixing

Louise … Slut at Last Pt. 02

After I pressed “Send” on the email to Les (who would hopefully soon be my wife Louise’s new Master), the seconds ticked by at a glacial pace. It was already late afternoon when I sent Louise’s contact information and weekly schedule to a man I’d only just “met” on craigslist. Soon, it was 5:30, and

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