Negotiations, part four

………………………..The next day I found a written note in my wallet.Chris and a phone numberCarl and a phone numberJones and a phone number I remebmerd the fourth term… them alone and tell them about my wife….her wishes….my wishes…… After some thinking I decided to meet them together and I arranged for a meeting the coming

Pregnant Pauses Pt 4

Another in my continuing series of short-short stories about breeding and impregnation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ART PROJECT I decided that my lady and I would do an “Art Project” together. I painted various images on her and photographed her. We both became so aroused that hot, mad sex soon followed… I continued to take photos as we

No Way my husband is Gay?

My husband hadn’t been the same since he returned from a six-month military tour. There were various symptoms that he had changed, but I couldn’t figure out and what the underlying cause might be, since one of the symptoms was that he’d become obsessively reluctant to disclose what he was feeling at any given time.

I was Made into a Faggot By a BBC

I was an average, happily married white guy. We had been married for 18 years with an excellent sex life. I had never in my life ever thought of being with another man in any form. We live in a nice upscale middle class neighborhood. Everyone knows everyone, and we all get along very well.

My Girlfriends fetish Part 1

I had been dating this lovely women for about 4 months, a very mature women for her ge of 45 and very busty with a nice figure.Always wearing tops that are tighter than you would normally wear and skirts and stockings. You get the picture?One afternoon she text me to say she was off work

Summer of Cougars 4

It had been a couple of days since I saw Judy. I did bang the hell out of Camilla a couple of times yesterday. But had not heard from Judy who was away at a conference until tomorrow. I was laying on my bed freshly showered after a long hot day out working when I

Mother Superior’s Study.

Judy and Jason sat outside the room.They exchanged nervous glances as they listened to the sounds of a thrashing taking place coming from inside the room. Ever since the Mother Superior had come to the school the slightest infraction of the rules was met with a visit to her private study and a minimum of

Summer of cougars 5

Wow what a summer.It was beginning of August and I had spent all of July juggling four members of Judy’s club for cougars. Judy was introducing me slowly to the group. So when Judy was away or not in the mood I had Camilla the wealthy senior, Natasha the hot to trot Gypsy or Mimi

Sweet cuck by my girlfriend

Amanda and I had been dating for a several months when she said something that knocked my to my knees. After sex one day, as we were laying in the afterglow, she asked if I would like to watch her fuck another guy sometime. I had no response, it was incredibly out of the blue

How my girlfriend turned me into a fangurl

Stephanie and I had been dating for a year when things began to change. She was a bigger girl, 5’5” and 175lbs with beautiful c-cup breasts and a luscious ass. She was band geek from high school and always been into the local music scene. She was one of those fan-girls in the front row
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