La mia lei da il meglio di se durante le ferie

Quest’anno io ed Anna mia moglie abbiamo deciso di anticipare le ferie ai primi di giugno per evitare la ressa e l’afa agostane.La nostra meta è la costa ionica calabrese dove abbiamo affittato un bungalow in un campeggio in riva al mare.Anna,capelli rossi corti ha passato i 50 da un po ma a dispetto dell’età

Mit mehreren Spaß drinnen und draußen

Mit mehreren Spaß drinnen und draußen Die Zeiten wo ich im Süden lebte, sind vorbei. Kein Sea Sun and Sex. Ausflüge und Abenteuer am Meer unter der Sonne des Südens sind Vergangenheit.Zwar ist der Sommer hier dieses Jahr ganz nett aber die Gelegenheiten nackt sich zu zeigen und auch zu spannen sind geringer. Der Job

Mid Week Romp

My wife Elinor, or El as she likes to be called, and I went down to the city mid-week to have a bit of a break and try to get in show. Hoping mid-week would be a little quieter which it was and we managed to get in a Matinee and after a quick shower

Lady Charlottes Journal Page Six

(Please note the people mentioned in these stories are fictional and bare no relationship to people either alive or dead. These stories contain explicit sexual descriptions and are aimed at the over 18’s)Page Six:Tuesday July 8th 0800HrsDear Journal: I had had the weirdest of dreams during the night and like a lot of dreams couldn’t

Die App – Teil 6

Sarah und Sylvia hatten getan was Max von ihnen verlangt hatte … und man kann sagen, dass er mit dem Ergebnis durchaus zufrieden war. Keine Spur mehr von der Sauerrei die beide Frauen mitgemacht hatten, ob sie wollten oder auch nicht … Beide hatten sich, nachdem sie gemeinsam duschen gewesen waren den Anweisungen von Max

Wild Night

It was early in the morning when I heard the garage door open, my wife returning from a night out with her friends. I was sitting in the kitchen doing some work on one of my art projects when she walked in with her friend Amanda. Amanda was holding my drunken wife up as I

Red X – Grace meets up with Cliff

Grace looked at the clock, 2:05am. She had yet to fall asleep after getting the call from Cliff and she was still on edge. She’d only talked with him in person, but he was angry and threatening on his call, and she was scared. BZZZZZZZZ! The alarm screamed in her ear and she sat upright

The Road Trip

Lynn came running back to the car, her face red with excitement. “What’s your hurry?” I asked her as she plopped down into the backseat. “No hurry. I was afraid I’d miss you.” “You mother hasn’t even come out of the bathroom yet. She’ll be a few more minutes.” I went back to checking the

the Set up

Her wetness was apparent from the soggy feeling she had between her legs as she uncrossed them when she heard her name called. Sitting in the waiting room, she had been thinking about how she was going to explain to the doctor, why she was wet and what was causing her erotic dreams that were

Bathhouse Bitch

“Have you ever been here before?” the clerk at the front desk asked in a deep voice. “I have, but it’s been years,” I responded and gave him a friendly wink. “We’ve made some recent changes,” he responded, undressing me with his eyes. “We’ve added an upper balcony and big screen TVs in the orgy
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