Step mom teaches the finer points

My step mom Diane and I had not really gotten along very well, but as we were both very sad, mutual consolation had brought us much closer. It was probably 6 or seven months after the funeral when our relationship changed drastically. I had resumed my cross dressing habit. My weakness has always been pantyhose.


I got home from John and Paul and went inside and cleaned up using an enema and taking a shower. I went and put on a new outfit this time with pink nylons and silver heels. I sat around for a while and then heard a car door, so I went and looked out the


Some time ago I looked through the posts of a xhamster user, to whom I came by suggestion of this site in another post. I lost his track later and I did not know how to find him again. He was an US black man who claimed to be heterosexual. However, he also claimed to

The C is for Clitoris

this is a wonderful story written by ManyFeathers As Bree approached her 25th birthday, she looked towards it as just another day. Another day of being a “loner” as she’d been labeled, though in truth it was a self-imposed sentence. She was certainly attractive enough, not a beauty queen no, but certainly considered cute under

how much i love travis

Darling I do want you to know how much I truly love you, but I should not need to remind you that going to a professional Mistress was your idea. You did agree to do as you were told for a full thirty days. I realize this is very hard for you and probably nothing

The parcel – a new direction

My door bell just went off , on opening the door it was jane , the neighbour i’d been having a fling with, hi she said, i need to talk to you she said, err come in ,sounds serious i said , she sat down on the sofa and had a drink, so whats on

The Dr. Visit Part 2…

(A little bit of background on me. When I was born doctor’s had to figure out whether I was a boy or girl. So; they decided to make me a boy. In the process; they left me with an infant little cock and, what I now call my little boy “pussy“. It is actually a

Wife Trains me to be Cleanup Boy

After being married for several years, most couples learn the importance of “spicing things up” and exploring fantasies. Work, k**s, and life in general always seems to lead to a dull sex life unless you’re willing to communicate and indulge certain desires with your partner. I learned that fairly early on, but little did I


I was really pissed off when I ended up at Naha Air Base, Okinawa, a Base that closed in 1972, the largest Base Kadena still operates today. Naha was much smaller at the southern end of the narrow yet Long largest if the Ryukyu Islands. The women here were no where as friendly as their

Creampie Eating

This is the story of how I came to love nothing more than licking my wife’s well filled pussy. It all started after the birth of our c***d. For the last two months of pregnancy, she was too uncomfortable for sex. Other than the occasional handjob, I had nothing going on with her sexually. After
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