The Birthday part 2

The days following were a little off for once I really didn’t see her and I was confuse as if to if I wanted to see her. Part of me wanted to see her and maybe talk to her, the other half of me wanted to dig a hole and hide never to be found.

the birthday part 3ending

She takes a moment to enjoy the moment or maybe she was reconsidering what she was going to say but she said anyways, “I I like “ she hesitates, “you like what, tell me, so I can do it” I respond back as I am caught up on the moment myself her skin felt some

Caught being gay part 3

Everybody is over 18 and nobody is related. Please check out parts 1 and 2 but if not, in a nutshell my older b****** taught me how to jack off and it evolved into us jacking and eventually blowing eachother. One time after he and I came together frotting, I looked over his shoulder to

Meeting an old sexy friend

I am creeping up the age ladder now but this last weekend I was back in my home town in Bishops Stortford when I met the unmistakable beauty I had loved as a 21 year old, we hugged and kissed and with huge smiles decided to go for a coffee and catch up with the

First Time with a man

First Time with a Man(True story, I was ####teen) I walked down through the park after school and went into the Gentlemen’s toilets. There was a long urinal in the shade and I stood there with my cock out. I didn’t really want to pee, just feeling the cool air around my shaft was enough.

At home

this is entirely fictional, unlike my other posts… David, chapter two.It was hot that morning and David didnt put on any clothes as he went to the shower. I t was just across the hall, but then he heard water still running and the door was slightly open. He stood there momentarily confused as his

Still bi-curious..Ready for bi-serious!!

Between my bad luck and the fact I’m being picky, I’m still waiting to feel a warm and hard cock slip past my lips and hit my tongue. Still waiting to feel a throbbing cock rubbing my asshole and then slowly easing into me. I dream of a well trimmed smooth looking cock. Im tired

What Are the Chances

So I’ve been sucking cock at least three days a week with my Mailman As I’ve said before I enjoy licking pussyas well Well it’s Tuesday I’m at my local coffee placeits packed as always only chair &table available is with this lovely lady I ask if I can joinher says she doesn’t mind We

My Gay Brother Fucks My Husband

When Sally met her husband three years ago, a year before they got married, she discovered his stash of porn DVDs. He blushed and was embarrassed and started to make apologies, but Sally smiled and told him not to worry. She had the same ‘secret.’ Sally also loved porn and had loads of porn sites

First time, not my last!

When I was very young, I found a “Playgirl” magazine. As I nervously flipped through the pages, I can not help bout stare at the images of the naked men and especially their cocks. My eyes were drawn to them and I could sense sensations and feelings in my yoing body. I didnt really know
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